Give Yourself Slim and Shapely Knees with BodyTite!


Do you have wrinkly or sagging knees? While skin on the knee area can become loose and wrinkly after weight loss or from general aging, these issues can shake the self-confidence in many patients. When healthy eating and exercising just aren’t enough, try – BodyTite™, featuring RFAL technology!

BodyTite, is an innovative, revolutionary remodeling procedure that helps reduce skin laxity and works to sculpt targeted body parts, including your knees. This minimally-invasive procedure offers a safe, gentle, and sophisticated option for body contouring, reducing stubborn fat while firming the skin.

When you want to slim and shape your knees, BodyTite can do one of two procedures. The first is the non-surgical knee lift, in which the loose or wrinkly skin in your knee area is tightened. This creates a smoother, more youthful final appearance. The second procedure involves inner knee liposuction, which helps remove fat from small, targeted areas that can often accumulate on the inner knee. The result is slimmer, more toned knees!

BodyTite is a one-time procedure performed with local anesthesia in the office! There’s minimal downtime, and most patients will see initial results within a few days with ongoing improvements occurring over the coming months. Once the procedure is finished, you’ll feel a surge of confidence and will enjoy the body that you deserve!

Article by
Saint Louis Physician