From Baby Belly Slack to a 6-Pack using Smart-Sculpt: A New Paradigm in Sculpting the Core


By Daniel Levy, MD

Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist


On 2.1.12, I, along with several selected personal trainers, launched the first “Hi-Definition” core sculpting program in the world: The PRO-Sculpt formula (aka Smart-Sculpt-patent pending).  This synergistically combines (1) laser-assisted liposculpture using multiplex Smartlipo technology, with (2) post-procedure, targeted core muscle abdominal sculpting via personal training.

In this program, I am joined by a selected personal trainer at the consultation and follow-up appointments to ensure precise muscle toning in the areas I treated with Smartlipo. The result of a single Smartlipo treatment followed by a personalized sequence of core training is an unparalleled, high-definition outcome, which is unmatched by any other technology or surgery.

The link below provides a story of one of our guest’s experience in this program (copy and paste link to view)


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