Folie a Deux: Powerful Pairs for Pre-Summer Rejuvenation


Powerful Pairs

By Daniel Levy, MD, Cosmetic Dermatologist


Prior to summer season, there are several easy, highly effective, and non-invasive ways to rejuvenate your skin and sculpt your figure.  Coupling laser treatments is the most efficient way to maximize results during one visit.

Get rid of unwanted hair

LightSheer DUET, the gold standard in laser hair removal, is the most efficient and least painful way to permanently remove unwanted hair from your legs, back, face, bikini, and other areas. For men, excess back hairs and ingrown neck hairs are easily removed. Vacuum-assisted technology, combined with a dramatic increase in the size of the area treated, enables a greater depth of penetration and improved absorption of energy at the hair follicle, with less pain and faster speed. For example, our medical estheticians routinely treat entire legs comfortably, without anesthetics and gels, and, in many cases, treatment times are reduced by 75 percent. On average, five treatments are necessary for the best results.


The Ultimate Underarm. Laser hair removal coupled with Botox results in smooth, hairless underarms without excess sweat during exercise or stress.


Bikini and Thighs. Laser hair removal in the bikini area can be coupled with VelaShape for thigh toning to prime both areas for summer season.


The Male Back. Eliminating the lower back patch of hair is relatively painless with the Duet technology, and can be coupled with a Smartlipo treatment to the flanks to “manscape” and sculpt simultaneously.

Unwanted facial hair. Permanently eliminate unwanted facial hairs (common areas include upper lip and chin) in any skin type. This can be combined with the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment to also eliminate sun damage and build collagen.


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