Finding the Right Breast Implant Size for You


The media and along with our Hollywood movie stars continue to provide us with positive feedback on improving our bodies, particularly the breasts. The combination of celebrity culture and medical advancement has led to more and more clients seeking a qualified board certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation procedure.
Television series like “Botched” are seriously educating patients about what can happen by allowing price and stardom to make a decision rather than training and overall quality of excellence to make their choices.
“We’ve been seeing a shift in client preferences for breast augmentation and breast-lift patients,” says Dr. John Ward. “Patients are wanting just a little fullness in their breast and they don’t want to go to the beach and have everyone say she must have had breast implant surgery!”
So this why breast implants come in all sizes and shapes and in Dr. Ward’s practice we spend a great deal of time guiding patients to the size and shape that best fits their body well as their ego. We actually have patients try them on with a camisole. This overall approach has given the practice an excellent reputation for giving the patient a 3-dimensional look at the breast implants on their bodies. We totally agree that this process has greatly reduced any reason to take a patient back to surgery for size of breast implants. We are hearing more often that patients are opting for a more natural appearance with a greater percentage of patients choosing implants with a smaller cup than in the past.
Mentor Corporation is the manufacturer we have used in this practice for over twenty years. They have added a high profile style of breast implant to help woman who want more volume and less width on the side of her breasts. Most often woman seeking a Breast Implant Exchange are great candidates for this type of breast implants.
For breast implant exchange surgeries Dr. Ward believes in reconstructing the breast pocket which has stretched over the years by placing stitches on the inside of the skin to make the breast look more fuller rather than just replacing implants. The breasts have a more youthful appearance.
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