FDA and Filling Materials


The FDA has recently published side-effects related to filling materials, supposedly as a warning to patients.  There are some very important facts that patients need to understand about the side-effects of fillers.  Certainly there are side-effects from these materials just as every medical procedure has the possibility of side-effects; however, let's look at the facts.  One of the most serious listed by FDA is blindness, which is not a side-effect of fillers per se.  It is a side-effect of injecting into the area of the frown lines with any material and has only been reported about a dozen times--with cortisone, fat, and fillers.  Also, fillers can kink a blood vessel or even occlude a small vessel and produce an area of skin that is cut off from the blood supply and may crust and leave a scar. In 30 years I have seen this 3 times and only once did it leave a scar.  The key to avoid side-effects as much as possible is to choose an experienced doctor or nurse injector and discuss with them the possibilities of the results, the side-effects and what will be done in the event of a problem.  It is also important to avoid someone who took a weekend course to "learn" how to use fillers and has very little experience.
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Nashville Dermatologist