FAT MELTING and ZERONA by: Vincent Lepore MD


It’s Fat-Melting – not quite the old-fashioned way. Zerona is a cold laser that liquefies fat, and removes inches from the waist, hips, thighs, back, and arms.
It’s FDA-approved for fat reduction, and has been used successfully for years.
It might be best to explain Zerona by first explaining what it isn’t, and what it doesn’t do:

  • Zerona is Not Surgery
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Anesthesia
  • No Pain
  • No Downtime
  • No Freezing
  • No Heating
  • No Bruising
  • No Swelling
** And - Zerona is not a cure-all for weight loss! The best candidates are women and men who are committed to a healthy diet and exercise regime, and who have some excess fat they’d like to lose.
It’s also a great way to begin, or kick-start a weight loss program, because results are measurable, and visible in a couple of weeks.
Yes. Measurable and visible results. But, more subtle results than a surgery such as Liposuction would produce. Many Liposuction patients, will add Zerona to their treatment, to further refine and enhance their surgical results.


Let’s go back to that description in the first sentence- it is a laser. A ‘cold’ laser to be more specific. That doesn’t mean it transmits cold to the body. And it doesn’t transmit heat either.
What it does- is use Light technology – which is targeted to the excess fat deposits (in those often-troublesome areas of waist, hips, thighs, back, and arms).
The low-level laser light causes a photochemical reaction in the fat cells, temporarily opens a small pore. The fat within, is liquefied (emulsified), and released through that tiny opening. The fat cell, after releasing its contents, shrinks down.


Over the treatment period, as you can imagine, fat is being released from countless cells. Those flattened cells appear as lost inches. And lost fat. The majority of patients (mine and all others included) experience a total body reduction (measured circumferentially in all areas treated) of 3 to 9 inches.
Our San Jose area Zerona patients report to us that their clothing fits better, that those visible muffin tops or love handles are greatly improved, and most say the experience gives them the motivation they need to continue a more healthful lifestyle.


  • Once the liquefied fat is released (into what’s known as the interstitial space), it is then naturally absorbed and processed through the body’s lymphatic system, and ultimately eliminated. The fat cells are not damaged or destroyed, and the surrounding tissue is not damaged. Remember – Your fat cells were not destroyed. If you gain weight, you may accumulate fat again.


Zerona is administered by a trained staff member (in our office, a Registered Nurse), over a period of several weeks. A minimum of 6 sessions over a period of two weeks is recommended.
  • nMost of our patients choose to maximize their results with a 9 to 12 session treatment plan.
  • nEach session lasts for 40 minutes. After being carefully measured, you lie down, beneath the laser, and just relax. After 20 minutes, you’ll turn over, so the lights can target the other side. (many of our patients listen to music, some even nap)
  • nThe sessions are usually scheduled every other day, and sometimes every two days. (For instance, if you choose 6 sessions, you may come in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, for that two or three week period.)*It’s important to maintain the schedule for the treatments to be effective.
Keeping your treatment schedule is important, but equally important is following instructions.
You’ll be told to drink more fluids, to aid in flushing the excess fatty acids from your system. (8 or more glasses of water a day).You’ll be told about special supplements that may further aid in the elimination process.
Regular, consistent light exercise (even walking), is important in helping the body’s systems remove the released fat. You may also elect to wear a compression garment, or have a lymphatic massage.


  • Zerona is an FDA-approved treatment for fat reduction of the waist, hips, thighs, back, and arms.
  • You may have additional treatments with Zerona, as you feel they’re needed.
  • Many patients schedule their treatments during a lunch hour, or after work, and carry on with their normal daily activities.
  • Most women and men can safely undergo Zerona treatment. (pregnant women should not have the treatment, and those with pacemakers or some thyroid conditions, should consult with their physicians)
Zerona has become a very popular procedure with bridal parties, or people preparing for a vacation trip or special event.
The words we hear most often when our patients describe their Zerona experience are: relaxing, slimming, easy, and pain-free. Many tell us they’ve used their Zerona ‘ as a jump-start’ to launch a long-term lifestyle change.
As we mentioned earlier, the results, while different for everyone, are visible, and measurable.

Article by
San Jose Plastic Surgeon