Facial Volume Restoration With Fat Grafting



Name: Luis Fernando Reyes Meza
Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario University School of Medicine, Bogota, Colombia-SouthAmerica
University of Buenos Aires - Argentina - SouthAmerica
Fat grafting as an advance natural filler plays an important role in maintaining a youthful and well defined face, the aging process changes in fat distribution and amount of fat in face. Rigorous diet plans, certain physical activity, post bariatric surgery, resulting in older appearance with unhealthy and visible changes on the face.
The triangle of youth show us the explanation of aging process. Then facial volume restoration grows as an alternative to restore, to maintain, to sculpt and to accent facial structures with and smooth and natural results.
Between benefits of fatty tissue is the safest, most natural, versatile and permanent filler and becomes part of the surrounding tissue, it is very durable and accommodates evenly.
The procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia with approximate time of 1 hour depending the area to treat. (general anaesthesia may increase the costs); an small canula is used to remove tissue from the Donor area (abdomen, thighs, knees) and a small canula is used to inject in the desire area to be treated. Minimal discomfort and less risk of pain or hematoma can be caused.
The recovery process comes with slight redness, swelling of the treated area and usually not hematoma. The majority of patients do not require NSAIDS and can return to their normal routine.
Fat graft transfer as the best filler, may be used in any patient in any ethnical group or race, convenient cost/benefit.
There is many controversy against these methods, but the results show us the difference.Most literature was collected from different sources including PubMed.
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Colombia Plastic Surgeon