Eyelid Tuck


Are you concerned about the bags and puffiness around your eyes?

As we age, the ligaments in our eyelids weaken and as a result, the fat in the orbits of our eyes begin to bulge under the eyelids. There are not many ways to prevent or control this however things like avoiding smoking, drinking and over exposure to the sun are essential to keep in mind.

The good news is that there are treatment options available, both surgical and non-surgical, that can help target this area to improve the appearance of aged eyes.

An eye tuck, which is also known as Blepharoplasty or Eye Lid Surgery, is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the skin, muscle and fat in the upper and lower eyelids. It can also help correct drooping upper eyelids and remove bags from beneath the eyes.

So how do you know if you are suitable for an eye tuck?

Patients who are concerned over ageing features such as heaviness of upper eyelids, excess skin, wrinkles or bulging of fat or bags under the eyelids may benefit from Blepharoplasty.

In essence, the desired outcome for a youthful appearing eyelid is one where there is a smooth contour between the forehead or brow to the upper eyelid and from the lower eyelid to the cheek. The skin should present minimal wrinkles and there is no bulging of fat. Ligaments of the eyelids are also tight with no scleral show (the whites of the eyes below) and the ligaments are situated in a good position.

How does it work?

If you would like to correct bags and puffiness surgically, a lower eyelid tuck can be performed to remove the bags. The incision is made just below the lower lash line, where the excess skin and fat is removed. Ultimately, the procedure will vary according to the patient’s needs. Dr Edinburg will make a careful assessment during consultation before deciding on the most suitable treatment tailored to your needs and goals.

An upper eyelid blepharoplasty is preformed to correct the heaviness of drooping eylids. Cuts are always made in the least visible area utilising Plastic Surgery techniques finetuned through many years of Specialist Surgery. This can often be done under local anaesthetic or local+ sedation.

Some of my patients at Eden Institute require both an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty and these can usually be done at the same time.

Non-Surgical Options

If you wanted to rejuvenate your look with non-invasive approaches, Dermal Fillers are a good option to consider as they are used to plump up facial areas that have lost volume due to ageing.  They can also help effectively restore volume to sunken areas of the upper and lower eyelids. We find often that patients who come to us for that dark sunken look below the lower lids, respond fantastically to dermal fillers to the area. It is the restoring of the lost volume that removes the shadowing.

Wrinkle relaxers(Botulinum products) can be used additionally to enhance eyelids for optimal results. Results are not permanent and must be repeated.

We are increasingly using Laser techniques to assist with lower eyelid sagging, where appropriate. A Microlaser Peel or ProFractional utilising our state-of-the-art medical grade laser offers us a number of options.

Clinically approved and medical-grade cosmetic products that contain biologically active ingredients can also help to reduce the appearance of eye bags and puffiness.

Overall it vital to know that there is a wide range of variation in the surgical procedures depending on whether the patient presents with bags only, bags and excess skin, as well as the laxity of the lower eyelids. Surgical non-surgical approaches can help improve appearance and rejuvenate the area in skin tightening, add volume, reduce wrinkles, improve bags or puffiness under eyes, and improve skin tone and quality. Upon consultation, Dr Edinburg will inform you of the various treatment options available that are safe and effective. He will then customise them to your own needs so that chosen procedures are most suitable to you personally.

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