"Explant-ology" by Lynne Hayes, with contributing authors Lu-Jean Feng, M.D. and Dr. Susan Kolb


When ordinary people do extraordinary things it inspires others. Lynne Hayes is such a person. One of many women in a world where image and self are in constant battle, she succumbed to the plethora of pressures and allures of the media.

Also like many women, after experiencing problems with them she decided to have her breast implants removed and this is the point at which her real story and ultimate legacy to other women around the world began.

Because there was no tangible organization or refuge for someone like Lynne in her situation to go to, she found herself out on a limb. There was nobody or support group to share her emotions, confusion, questions, doubts, or fears with. She had to find her own way. So what did she do? Lynne Hayes started her own support group, created a website and this book.

“Explant-ology” looks at the extremes women go to enhance their self esteem and to feel accepted in our society right through to the realization that in the majority of cases they are much happier and healthier when they have their implants removed. Lynne highlights the side effects of implants and what can go wrong with the procedures associated with Breast Implants and Breast Explants.

Lynne has targeted an extremely sensitive issue that affects a lot of women with a gripping, sometimes humorous and immensely informative book. It is quite surprising at the number of women that place their trust in professionals only to NOT be told everything about breast implants and the issues you may encounter overtime. There is a comprehensive list of questions highlighted in this book that you can ask your surgeon to make sure you understand everything before you go through this life changing surgery. Now women in a similar situation can feel that they are not alone.

Lynne Hayes’ book, “Explant-ology” is a necessary read
- By George Smilovici, Social Scientist and Comedian Extraordinaire

"By the year 1996, I had performed almost one thousand explantation procedures and the majority of my patients got better and their health and quality of life improved. In 1997, I began a seven year retrospective study involving risk factors associated with rupture. My findings were presented, as well as published, and for the first time it was acknowledged what the true life expectancy was of these devices..."

Excerpt taken from Dr. Feng's chapter in Lynne Hayes' book, "Explant-ology."

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Cleveland Plastic Surgeon