What to expect during and after hair transplant procedures?


Hair transplantation is a very safe, and relatively minor surgical procedure. Hair transplant is an outpatient procedure which is usually performed under local anesthesia while the patient is watching T.V, listening to music or sleeping. If the procedure is done by an experienced hair restoration physician, there will be minimal discomfort and rarely any complications.

On the day of the surgery, the doctor will spend time reviewing the procedure and addressing any concerns or questions. After all the necessary measurements are taken, the physician will evaluate the hair quality and quantity for the transplantation. It is critical to plan the harvesting of the grafts from the donor area and the design of the recipient area. Following these standard procedures, the physician will proceed with the surgery.

Hair restoration surgery first involves the removal or harvesting the hair from the donor area. Following the removal of the donor hair, the harvested hair is dissected into 1-3 hair units under high powered microscopes. As the units are being prepared, the physician will make small incisions into the donor area using customized needles. The possibility of future hair loss has to be considered and lateral incisions should be made following clients own hair directions and hair orientation. Once the incisions are made, follicular units are implanted into the recipient areas. At the end of the procedure, a light dressing may be applied which can be removed the next day.

Following the procedure, one can expect to have small crusts formed on the grafted area. A post operative cleaning regiment is given to the client to help dissolve the scabs. These crusts will flake off by 7-10 days after the surgery. The client can usually return to normal activity in about two weeks. The transplanted hair growing from the scalp may initially shed, however the roots will remain and new hair will start to grow in after three months.
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