The best skin care system is one that has been clinically shown to address the underlying causes of aging skin. Most people assume that aging skin, with its fine lines, wrinkles and drooping or sagging is just a part of growing old. People have come to believe that skin exhibiting signs of aging can only be prevented either by good genes or cosmetic procedures.

Although these two items can be important, they really don’t address the underlying causes of aging skin, which are:

•Cellular Reprogramming- The fibroblasts and the keratinocytes of your skin producing collagen cells and elastin fibers are reprogramed to produce a different type of collagen of poorer structural quality.

•Sun Damage - Damage to the DNA of skin cells is caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The DNA governs the structure of collagen and elastin proteins produced by skin cells.

•Environmental Trauma - Free radicals damage the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin.

This week we focus on Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes. Most people have never ever heard of fibroblasts and keratinocytes but these cells are critical to the health and structure of your skin. They are the working cells of your skin. They control the activity that creates:
•The type of collagen fibers
•The quantity of elastin fibers
•The reproduction and rejuvenation of cells in the epidermal layer of your skin

Collagen, elastin and epidermal cells are all necessary to create the structural scaffolding that supports your skin. The fibroblasts and keratinocytes stay with you throughout your aging process. Most people assume that, as we age, our bodies stop producing the necessary collagen and elastin to support our skin resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. What really happens is that these working cells are reprogrammed to produce a different type of collagen with less elastin and fewer cells in the epidermal layer of the skin. The result is less volume, poor structural scaffolding, and easily damaged collagen resulting in less uniform skin color with the droops, sags, wrinkles and fine lines.

The Iridesse®skin care line addresses these issues of cellular reprogramming through a unique, deeply penetrating process with ingredients specifically designed to stimulate production of superior quality collagen and elastin. Our unique penetrating process allows clinically tested and carefully selected ingredients to stimulate fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which then rejuvenate aged skin with a better quality and more abundant collagen. The result is visibly thicker, more lustrous and more iridescent skin of which you can be proud and confident.
Article by
Richmond Plastic Surgeon