Ear Reconstruction: Otoplasty Surgery


Ear Reconstruction: Otoplasty

The standard otoplasty technique commences by removing a portion of skin behind the ear and then suturing back the cartilage in a partially blind procedure. Often, this approach causes an overpinning of the ears, which results in ears which are too close to the head. A subsequent effect of overpinning is the flaring of the top and bottom of the ears, also known as a “telephone deformity”.

Dr. Romo designed and published a unique otoplasty technique that utilizes a skin flap behind the ear instead of the standard procedure of primary skin removal. This approach allows for complete exposure of the ear cartilage which enables a more predictable result after the needed set-back procedure. At the time of skin closure, the redundant skin is redraped and exactingly removed. This allows for a tension-free closure that prevents deformity in the post-operative ear shape, as the ear heals.
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