Ear Reconstruction: Microtia Surgery


Ear Reconstruction: Microtia Surgery

Microtia (a smaller than normal, usually misshapen auricle) is one of the more common congenital anomalies of the external ear. It occurs with a frequency of one in every 7,000–8,000 births in the general population. Males and the right ear are most often affected. Bilateral microtia occurs in one in every 12,000 births. The majority of cases have no genetic component, as less than 15% of these patients have a family history of ear anomalies.

Dr. Romo is a recognized expert in treating this deformity and has been performing ground-breaking surgical techniques for over 20 years. Creating a new ear structure can be accomplished using rib cartilage or porous implants. Each patient is assessed to determine which method will provide the best result. Microtia is often associated with atresia, which presents as a hearing loss. This is corrected with a bone-anchored hearing aid that is implanted completely under the skin.
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