Drugs that help with hair loss and their side effects


What drugs help with hair loss and what are the side effects?

There are two FDA approved drugs that may help maintain hair and help with hair loss. These are Propecia and Minoxidil. There are no known harmful effects of either medication when used as directed by the manufacturer. You should follow all package instructions and consult with a doctor.

It is helpful to get familiar with side effects. For example one of the side effects could be rapid loss of hair with discontinuation of these medications. The hair that was saved with the use of these medications would be lost until the point where an individual would have been without treatment. However, this process is not sudden and will take several months after stopping the medications. Missing a day or two of treatment, while not recommended, is generally not harmful.

Propecia could be harmful to a developing male fetus in a pregnant woman if the drug entered her body by ingesting the medication. The amounts of drug in a male’s semen have been studied and found to be insignificant. The man can choose to stop treatment during conception efforts, but it is not necessary. Minoxidil may cause palpitation, irritation and dizziness, so you need to consult your physician before using the medications and to be safe find out about the side effects before using them.
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