Dr Edinburg’s Top Tips On Questions To Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery


When you are considering Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery, there are bound to be numerous questions circulating in your head. From basic ones like will it hurt to how long is recovery and how much will it cost, the important thing is that you do get all your questions and queries answered so that you make an informed decision.

Many FAQs have questions that sound good but don’t work well for you. You ask them but those answers don’t help you know what to do and they don’t give you a gut feel for whether you have trust in and want to work with this Plastic Surgeon.

Here I reveal my insights as to what you really need to find out in order to get a good idea about the doctor, his/her practice, as well as their level of service, expertise and professionalism.


Once you’ve decided on who your Plastic Surgeon is going to be, make sure you check with him/her who will administer your anesthesia. Don't be shy about confirming their qualifications (is he is Specialist Plastic Surgeon) and the type of anaesthesia you will be getting. This is your body and you have every right to know. The same applies with checking your Plastic Surgeon’s credentials.


Most patients I get are always keen to know the level of discomfort and pain involved with surgery. This is where your Plastic Surgeon must be completely honest with you so that you can set realistic expectations. The truth is, some procedures will be more uncomfortable than others whilst others may surprise you in being barely painful at all. The key is being honest from the start – something I always do with my patients.


Recovery times may vary for patients but the more information you provide me from the start about yourself, including your lifestyle considerations, the better I am able to advise you on what to expect, as these can all be contributing factors. Also, if you’ve previously had surgery or experienced poor scarring on a certain part of your body, then it’s something I would need to know as well. Ultimately, ask your Plastic Surgeon about the recovery timeline – although each person recovers at different rates, it is very helpful for you to know what to expect’. That way you can plan . Ask whether there will be swelling or bruising, the severity of these and what countermeasures you can take before and after surgery to speed up recovery time.


With technology and surgical techniques constantly evolving and advancing, these days it’s highly possible that there can be various alternatives and methods to achieving the one desired outcome. Sometimes you can opt for non-surgical methods to rejuvenate a certain part of your face or body – other times, the surgical option is what will get you the results you need and expect. Take Tummy Tucks vs. CoolSculpting as an example – for some patients, reducing excess fat and skin requires surgical intervention whereas for others they may be eligible for the non-invasive fat reduction procedure. Always ask your Plastic Surgeon about all your potential options and get his/her recommendation as to what suits you best. I discuss with my patients upsides and downsides of various options so that we can make a decision together about which option for treatment is most suitable for you.

A professional doctor should always be honest and professional with you at all times. Establishing a rapport and a trusted relationship is crucial to successful outcomes and a satisfactory experience – for the both of you.

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