The Dangers of Waist Trainers


Kim Kardashian is one celebrity that has recently popularized the use of waist trainers. But unbeknown to most users, waist trainers are a dangerous application that can cause serious health and medical issues. Learn about the inherent problems of waist trainers and what to do instead to have a slimmer, more contoured shape.

Why Do People Use Waist Trainers?
Waist trainers make you appear slimmer by compressing your waist and pulling in the skin, fat, muscles, and organs. The waist will seem smaller when using the device, but no lasting impact (such as loss of inches) will achieved with the waist trainer.

What Are the Negative Effects of Waist Trainers?
Experts report that waist trainers can cause pulmonary edema, acid reflux, and more. Additional major issues surround the use of waist trainers:
  • When a person uses a waist trainer, they are affecting their capacity to breathe. Waist trainers allow only shallow breathing that can result in light-headedness and loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen. In addition, this type of breathing negatively impacts the lungs, potentially causing fluid build-up or pneumonia.
  • Any time a person is unable to take a deep breath, collapses in the lung, known as atelectasis, can happen.
  • Oxygen is directly related to metabolism and helps every organ function properly. Restrictions on oxygenation can damage the metabolism and health of an individual in the long-term.
  • Users can experience problems with blood clots from reduced blood flow.
  • The stomach is tightly compressed, which can lead to acid reflux.
  • The spleen, liver, and kidneys could be bruised from tight application.
  • Wearing a corset 24/7 can kink your organs and lead to constipation.
  • Users can experience rib cage bruising from wearing too-small waist trainers or corsets.
Many women want to feel sexy and confident and turn to waist trainers as a quick fix, without realizing the significant health problems that can occur. Using waist trainers is not a smart idea for anyone, but those with a previous medical history of heart- and vein-related issues should definitely refrain from using waist trainers.

Do You Want Permanent Results?
For more permanent weight loss results, users should turn to diet, exercise, and plastic surgery to sculpt their body to a desired shape. Plastic surgery alternatives include:
  • Body Contouring: This procedure removes excess loose and sagging skin and is commonly used after significant weight loss. Surgeries are typically performed in a hospital or in a surgery center.
  • Liposuction: This popular procedure removes excess fat from specified areas and works best with localized fat deposits that fail to disappear with exercise. (Note: Those with a BMI less than 30 experience the best results from this procedure.)
  • Abdominoplasty: Also known as a tummy tuck, this common procedure removes both excess skin and fat from the area of the middle and lower abdomen along with tightening the abdominal wall muscles. The procedure positively impacts the look of a protruding abdomen, creating a flatter appearance.
Plastic surgery can provide the jump start required for a slender appearance, followed by diet and exercise to maintain the desired areas. Waist trainers and corsets should not be used long-term due to the medical and health concerns tied directly to their use.

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