The Consultation Process


The initial consultation for a new patient presenting to my practice is graciously provided free of charge. Each consultation is given a 30 minute time slot. I do not employ medical assistants or cosmetic surgery consultants to perform the initial interview or evaluation. I personally consult with each patient and discuss his or her options after obtaining a history and performing a physical examination.  With that in mind, if you have scheduled a consultation and for any reason cannot make it to the scheduled appointment, please call my office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Unfortunately, even after confirmation of my daily appointments, some people do not show up for their consultation. That 30 minute block of time set aside for someone has now been essentially wasted. Please, if you schedule an appointment to see me and you cannot make it to your appointment, call my office as soon as you can to cancel or reschedule your consultation. After the first complimentary consultation, additional future consultations may incur a consultation fee of $100.  If a consultation fee is collected and you decide to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure, the consultation fee will be subtracted from the cost of the procedure. In addition, the initial free consultation is designed to discuss the surgical procedure of primary importance to the patient. In other words, due to time constraints and other important factors such as trying not to provide too much information during one visit, you should plan on discussing the surgical procedure you wish to undergo first. With that in mind, a facelift and for instance an eyelid lift can both be performed at the same operation on the same day if desired. We should discuss those procedures during the initial visit. If you are interested in a facelift and also liposuction for instance but you do not plan on having one of those procedures for some time, or if they cannot be done all at once, we will discuss the procedure you desire to undergo first. Additional procedures should be discussed at future consultations. It is critical that you feel well informed about a procedure you choose to undergo. It is my goal to educate you and provide you with your options prior to your procedure. We are always available to answer your questions both pre and post-operatively. My personal cell phone number is provided to all of my surgical patients and I make my self available 24/7 for my patients. I encourage my patients to contact me or my office staff with any questions or concerns regarding your well-being in the peri-operative period. 
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Henderson Facial Plastic Surgeon