The Most common Myths about going bald


Hair fall and resultant baldness leads to a huge psychosocial impact but fortunately now we have very effective treatment options for hair restoration. There are lots of myths regarding hair fall, its causes and treatment options. Dr. Kavish chouhan a renowned dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon clarifies some of the most common myths.

MYTH 1. Tight hats makes you go bald?

Fact: Hats do not cause hair breakage or hair fall. Also note that hair follicles get oxygen from our blood stream and not from air. Unless you’re wearing a hat so tight that it cuts off circulation to hair follicles, you can wear hats as often as you like without experiencing hair loss.

MYTH 2. Shaving of hairs reduces hair fall?

Fact: Truth be told, a shaved head will not prevent a bald head and you continue to lose hair irrespective of shaving. The only reason people notice a reduced hair fall after shaving there head is because hairs are of very small size and are not easily noticeable when they fall off

MYTH 3. Certain shampoos and oil can make hair grow faster?

Fact: Scientifically speaking, there is no shampoo or oil, which can make your hair grow faster. Shampoo and conditioners can help the hairs to be clean and hydrated but it’s better to use dermatologist recommended products.

MYTH 4. Hair oils provide nutrition to hair roots?

Fact: Hair oil molecules are too big to penetrate skin and reach near hair roots and thus does not provide any nutrition to hair roots. In fact oils attract dust due to stickiness and block normal skin pores.

MYTH 5. After a hair transplant the transplanted hairs does not grow?

Fact: The fact is transplanted hairs are taken from permanent donor zone and they will grow and stay permanent throughout your life. Medical treatment needs to be continued to protect existing hairs .

MYTH 6. Advanced baldness cannot be treated by Hair transplantation?

Fact: Hair transplantation has seen significant advances in last decade and now it is possible to give a decent look even in cases with advanced baldness. We at DERMACLINIX have helped transform thousands of such cases.
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