How to choose the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles?


Los Angeles has many excellent plastic surgeons but how should a person find the best plastic surgeon for themselves. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who knows many well respected and skilled plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, I found it hard to decide who would be the best for me, when it came time for me to have plastic surgery. To help me decide, I asked my own patients how they went about choosing their plastic surgeon. I found that a patient's perspective can be often different that that of a plastic surgeon who knows much about cosmetic surgery. Interestingly, I found that many people in Los Angeles are influenced by the media including plastic surgeon's reviews. While, I believe that plastic surgeon's reviews can be very helpful, it is even more important to trust the source of the review. I find that reviews on are often more real and genuine. 
As a plastic surgeon I feel that the most important consideration should be looking at the before and after pictures of the procedure that you are looking for. Does your plastic surgeon show people that are similar to you, and does he or she have many examples of such results. Also, I feel that you need to ultimately form a bond and relationship with your plastic surgeon, when you trust them to take care of you as a physician. speaking to your plastic surgeon can give you a much better feel that reading their online reviews. Finally, as I do in my practice, other plastic surgeon can put you in touch with other patients who have already had the procedure that you are interested in. Speaking to other patients can be very helpful.
I wish you the best in finding the plastic surgeon who is going to best for you.

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