How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills? A Plastic Surgeon's perspective


I always ask my patient what they liked or didn't like about thier plastic surgery experience. I also ask them what characteristics are important to them for a plastic surgeon. I my self have also sought plastic surgery in Los Angeles! Interestingly, When I looked for a plastic surgeon for myslef, I found that I had a different emphasis and look as most of my patients did. Why? The reason was that I was judging the plastic surgeons more on thier before and after pictures or results, as well as thier personality and the way that the delth with me during my consultation. I personally gave much less emphasis to the online reviews, since I have noticed that there are always some people that love to write nasty reviews, or that some people just exagerate. So in summary, I would recommend that you look for a plastic surgeon that appeases you in terms of thier results and personality.
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