Buttock Augmentation Options : Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Silicone Injections


If you’re looking to enhance your derrière in size, there are several options out there, available legally and illegally. While Fat Transfer is the most promising option for buttock augmentation if performed by an experienced doctor or surgeon, some people choose to have buttock implants. Implants come with a number of associated risks that should be discussed and considered before making a decision, as every procedure has its risks. The buttocks area experiences a lot more movement compared to the breasts, which mean among other reasons they are not as popular for many surgeons, who prefer to just use Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer techniques. Worryingly there’s another option: people continue to flock to backstreet clinics and cowboy practitioners for illegal silicone injections.

Silicone injections

Reports abound of death and ruined lives with silicone injections into the buttocks and other areas of the body by illegal practitioners in particular. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not approved the cosmetic use of injectable liquid silicone. Although there are some clinical studies underway into its usage none have been completed. This doesn’t stop some people illegally and legally acquiring liquid silicone (for retinal detachment) and using it for cosmetic purposes but as it stands it is the official stance of the FDA that injectable liquid silicone for cosmetic reasons should not be performed outside of approved clinical trials. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) admits that silicone should never be injected into the breasts. It cannot be removed without disruption to surrounding tissue. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) states that complications like migration and inflammation are inevitable even after what may seem like good initial results. They note that the practice is banned in most countries but notably legal in France and Italy.

Silicone Implants

While breast implants come in at the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure year on year, buttock implants come in much lower despite the popularity of Fat Transfer to the Buttocks and the plethora of creams and potions available. Most implants for buttocks are soft solid silicone polymer implants, whereas breast implants are gel silicone to help mimic the natural feel of breasts and because solid silicone is not required. The buttock area is under a lot more pressure and is a more animated region, increasing the risk of shifting. It is not that widely available in the UK and the procedure is not offered by many of the major cosmetic surgery clinics. For certain individuals it might be a good option (especially for corrective medical reasons) but people will often prefer Fat Transfer if they are having it for cosmetic reasons.

Fat Grafting/Transfer to the Buttocks

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks essentially involves a two-step process: fat removal and fat transfer. The fat removal part can be upgraded to full liposuction in order to deliver ultimate results for patients but often the amount taken is enough to notice a considerable difference. VASER Lipo is a popular method of fat removal as it is less disruptive to the body and the fat cells can be carefully extracted without damaging them in order to ensure they remain viable upon transfer. Once extracted the fat cells are refined and injected into the buttocks. The surgeon or doctor needs to be experienced and trained in liposuction and fat transfer in order to help reduce the amount of fat cells that are absorbed into the body. A good medical practitioner will have a high observable success percentage of fat cell transfer. It is important to discuss this with the practitioner and see detailed before and afters in order to determine their competence and success.

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