Buttock Augmentation (Brazilian Buttock Lift): Enhance Your Buttock with Your Own Fat


     Many women desire a rounder, fuller buttock area.  Often times this can not be accomplished through diet and exercise alone as genetics plays a role in the shape of the buttocks.  Some women have a square shaped buttock or excess fatty tissue of the lower back which makes their buttock look flat and unappealing.  Luckily there is a surgical procedure available which can reshape and enhance the gluteal region using your body's own tissue (fat).  The procedure is known by many names-Brazilian buttock lift, buttock augmentation with fat, fat transfer to the buttock.  They all involve essentially the same technique which is the removal of fat from one area and its transfer to another area.

     The first part of the procedure involves liposuction which removes fat from unwanted, troublesome areas such as the abdomen, love handles, lower back and sometimes thighs.  This is done through very tiny incisions with minimal scarring.  The fat is then filtered, processed and replaced into syringes.  The fat is then carefully re-injected deep into the gluteal muscles and deep tissue of the buttocks.  Not only will the buttock area become larger, but the surrounding areas (lower back, hips, waist) will be re-contoured at the same time. It's this combination of liposuction and fat transfer to the buttock which creates the dramatic results patients are seeking.

     The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia (asleep) in an outpatient surgery center or hospital setting.  It can also be done under local aneshesia with mild sedation in certain cases.  The surgery should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with fat transfer techniques.  You can research your surgeon through the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons websites.  Also be sure the facility where the procedure is performed is a fully accredited surgery center.

     Most patients will take one to two weeks off from work to recover from the surgery.  It is important to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for the first few weeks after surgery to ensure the highest survival of the fat cells.  A certain amount of the fat cells will shrink over time (30-40%), so positioning after surgery is very important during the first two to three weeks.  Patients will sleep on their sides or stomach during this time period.  Sitting needs to be modified through the use of special pillows and cushions placed under the back of a patient's thighs.  About six months after surgery, most of the swelling is gone and whatever fat remains will have a permanent effect.

     This technique of buttock augmentation is favored over buttock implants (silicone) because the results are much softer and natural when fat is used.  Silicone buttock implants are associated with more complications such as hardness, infection, position shifts and wound healing problems.

     I have produced a short video of my technique with this procedure using the Body Jet liposuction system which removes the fat and filters it simultaneously.  This helps increase the percentage of fat cells that survive and keeps the fat in a closed, sterile system throughout the procedure. It can be seen on my website under the photogallery/buttock augmentation section.

     I hope this article was helpful for those patients considering buttock augmentation to recontour their entire lower body for a more shapely gluteal area.

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon