breasts implants


In today's breasts is a symbol of femininity and play a major role in the sensuality of women. Today breast augmentation is one of the cosmetic procedures performed most often, is indicated in patients with small breasts, changes in the breast after pregnancy, breast reconstruction after cancer and birth defects.
A breast implant is formed by an external layer or envelope of solid silicon which is then filled with saline or silicone gel (or salt water). The silicone gel implants are filled by manufacturers, while saline implants are filled at the time of surgery. The implants are measured in cubic centimeters, or CC.
Breast implants are inserted through the areola, armpit, and through the inframammary fold (under the breast fold). Then stand behind the gland, behind the fascia or behind the pectoral muscle. Recommendations vary from patient to patient. Each patient is unique and has different needs for optimal aesthetic results.
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