This is a common question that I often address several times a day during my new patient consultation clinics.

The answer depends on your goals, anatomy, and physical exam.

In general a breast lift will result in a tighter perkier breast. In many patients this is at the cost of a little breast volume as the breast skin is tightened. Usually this can mean about a ¼ to ½ cup loss in actual bra volume. For many women this is fine, for some they will not want to lose any volume and will want to add an implant.

For a woman who wants a breast lift to reposition her breasts and wants to add to her breast volume using a breast implant is a good option. Breast augmentation with a lift typically adds volume in the upper part of the breast where it is most needed. Implants can also help shape the breast more than a lift alone. They are a good choice if you want to maintain or add a little volume to your current breast size.

To determine what option is best for you I would recommend that you come in for a consultation where we can spend time taking about your expectations and then look at your body to design a surgery that will meet your goals.
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