Breast Implant Cleavage Technique


Cleavage is a real factor and request for clients seeking breast augmentation surgery.  As a board certified plastic surgeon performing thousands of breast lift and breast augmentation surgery for over twenty years it is my surgical pocket technique that has maintained very happy clients and almost no revisions except for breakage of implants. I have been committed to the concept of breast augmentation and breast lift implant refinement.   After performing thousands of breast surgeries, I have created a very successful and refined technique for the breast implant placement. This procedure is specifically designed to achieve better cleavage and it greatly reduces breast implant displacement. It begins with the concept of making the pocket as small as possible to accommodate your size of breast implant starting at the inner side of your cleavage area and not at the outside and going towards the middle.  This is technically more difficult for the surgeon but the outcome is so beneficial for my patients who desire the most cleavage possible with a pretty look.  The internet has made us look generic as plastic surgeons and I am more often now performing revisions on clients who have had poor surgery and their breast implants sit to the outside and or have migrated because of poor pocket preparation by their original surgeon. 



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Phoenix Plastic Surgeon