Brazilian Butt Lift – An Overview


Women looking to shape up their derriere should consider the Brazilian butt lift procedure where one’s own excess fat in other body areas is harvested from where it’s not wanted  and transferred to where it is. An attractive derriere enhances your femininity and is something that is getting much more attention over the past few years. Adding volume to the buttocks is now possible with the increasingly popular and minimally invasive Brazilian butt lift. This procedure uses the unique fat transfer method to improve the size and shape of the buttocks without any implant related complications. It utilizes the candidate’s own fat from other body areas where she has it in excess. Who Is the Right Candidate? A good surgeon evaluates the following to see if you are a candidate for the procedure: ·         Enough fat to spare on other areas of your body such as the thighs, arms or abdomen ·         Good skin elasticity in general ·         Good general health having no serious medical conditions that may negatively impact the recovery process ·         Psychologically healthy with only realistic expectations ·         No habits such as smoking or drinking for at least a specific period before and after the treatment ·         Stable weight with no fluctuations during the period Fat Transfer Butt Lift- the Process During the procedure, liposuction is performed to extract excess fat from the selected donor sites. The removed fat is processed and purified and then injected at different depths into the buttocks to give it the desired shape. The injections are properly administered by the surgeon to maintain the ideal proportion and symmetry for the buttocks. As the procedure uses your own tissue, there is only minimal chance for rejection. Local anesthesia is an option for low volume fat transfer, and general anesthesia is used for large volume fat transfer. The surgeon injects the of fat in the order of several hundred CCs or even more per buttock to obtain the preferred result. Preparing for the Procedure Preparation phase of the treatment is really important to enjoy the best procedure outcome. The surgeon would give instructions regarding the importance ofensuringa healthy diet plan and exercise, drinking plenty of water, following good hygiene practices to prevent infection and so on. Get good sleep and follow a healthy diet during the period. It is important to make your home ready for the post-operative period and recovery. Laboratory blood work and in cases where general anesthesia is used, medical clearance may be obtained. Recovery after Butt Lift In typical cases, you can resume walking within a day or two after the procedure and moving around during the initial days is recommended to avoid constipation. Fluid tinged with small amounts of blood is normal for a few days after surgery. Wearing special compression garments in the liposuction areasfor up to eight weeks is usually recommended to speed up recovery, and sitting directly on your buttocks is not advised during the period. Avoid high impact activities such as bouncing immediately after the surgery; start off with light activities and walking once you start to recover. 
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