Brachioplasty Scars- New “Hidden Scar” Brachioplasty Technique


Sagging arms is a common complaint among many women, including those who have had massive weight loss from gastric bypass surgery. While women who have loose and hanging arm skin would love to have their arms trimmed, many are reluctant to pursue Brachioplasty because of its noticeable and visible scars.

Women who want to get arm tuck or brachioplasty say that their reason for having this post-weight lose cosmetic surgery is to be able to wear short sleeves. How can they wear short sleeves if they are going to have long visible scars on their arms?

The answer to women who shy away from brachioplasty because of its “ugly scars” is a new Brachioplasty technique designed by a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon-Dr. S. Sean Younai. Dr. Younai hides the brachioplasty scar at the bottom of the arms where it is not visible from either, the front or back of the arms. He says that “I place my brachioplasty incisions were tailors place the seam of the jacket” and therefore like the seam of the jacket this new brachioplasty scar is not visible in normal pose.

While, this new arm tuck technique is only a variant of the standard brachioplasty technique, it is very hard cosmetic surgery technique to execute. Thus, it would require a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is very experienced in all aspects of body contouring after massive weight loss.

It is very important to review and analyze the before and after pictures of brachioplasty scars of different plastic surgeons before proceeding with this complex plastic surgery.


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