BOTOX for underarm sweating- the real truth...


OK, everyone knows the deal with Botox for the treatment  of underarm sweating. It works, and it works well. I started Sweat Free Clinics in Australia nearly 3 years ago. Since then, clinics in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne came on board. Sweat Free is a society for like minded individual to treat patients who suffer from excessive sweating. The great news is that we collect and share data. 

Now for some facts on BOTOX and its use for sweating in Australia. I have done a data collection from 45 consecutive cases in Brisbane and here are the real facts on Botox for underarms sweating (this is not data from the company, but real live data from underarms sweaters)

1. This treatment is very effective - the average patient reports 87% reduction in underarm sweating. (ranging from 50-100%)
2. Duration of 'efficacy' or how long it keeps your underarms dry ranges from 3-14 months. (average 7.1 months, just above Botox Allergan research)
3. Average cost to the patient is $440 as it it subsided by Medicare. 
4. First time Botox users - underarm sweating stops for 3.5 months, subsequent injections push on to 7.1 month average- this means hang in there if you are having fox for the first time, you will improve. 
5. Most patients will no opt for MiraDry as a treatment, as Botox is just too good. 

The last point is super important as patient selection for miraDry is paramount. To date only Brisbane and Melbourne have this treatment, and most patients who receive a 87% 'sweat free underarms' rating, will not accept the 60-70% sweat reduction that miraDry offers. 

Lessons learned- patient selection is super important for miraDry, and Botox works too well for the majority of patients. I will discuss stress and its role in sweating in another article. 

Thanks for reading, 

Dr Davin S. Lim 
Laser Dermatologist
BRISBANE, Australia.
Hyperhidrosis expert. 
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Brisbane Dermatologist