Boosting Botox


 Most people find that their BOTOX treatment lasts for three to six months. Some lucky patients may find their treatment lasts six to nine months.


  Unfortunately, some rare people receive little effect from their BOTOX. If someone has no effect from their BOTOX they may have antibodies to it. This means that, most likely, they have been exposed to it at some time in the past. The bacteria that produces the BOTOX is found naturally in the soil all around us. Despite this, I have only seen three patients who did not respond to BOTOX at all.


  For the patients who find that their BOTOX lasts less than three months, a recent study has some suggestions. Many people are deficient in Zinc. The study found that when 92% of patients who took oral zinc citrate 50mg and phytase 3,000 PU together for four days before their treatment, they experienced an increase in BOTOX duration and effect.


Patients taking zinc gluconate10 mg (commonly found in multi-vitamins) noticed no significant increase in effect.


1.Stop aspirin, baby aspirin, vitamin E, motrin, advil, and fish oil at least ten days before treatment.

2. Take Zinc citrate 50 mg and phytase 3,000PU for four days before treatment

3.Actively move the treated areas(frown, smile, raise forehead) several times for the first 30 minutes after the treatment.


If you still have limited results, ask Dr. Maloney if Myoblock would be appropriate for you.

Article by
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon