Use of Blunt Cannulas for Fillers for Wrinkles Reduces Bruising


An Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mike Majmundar, has been at the forefront of many techniques especially the creation of his own line of signature procedures designed to give his patients a natural look after facelift, mini-facelifts, browlifts, necklifts, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty.  He is also one of the few plastic surgeons to adopt blunt cannulas for use with his fillers for wrinkles.  The blunt cannula allows blood vessels to be ‘pushed aside’ as the cannula traverses the tissue under the skin instead of piercing the blood vessels as with traditional needles used by most practitioners.  This has truly decreased bruising in Dr. Majmundar’s practice by 90% especially when using filler under eyes or in the lips.

In addition, the blunt cannula technique has allowed him to use the traditional fillers for wrinkles in the nose as part of his nonsurgical rhinoplasty that is also performed only by a few.  The fear of using fillers around the eyes and in the nose has always centered around penetrating vessels with the filler material and ‘clogging’ the vessel causing a lack of blood flow to the area that can cause skin death or even blindness.  Though this can still happen, gentle movement of a blunt cannula through the tissue in these areas minimize such concerns.

For more information, visit or see his article in Best Self Atlanta magazine on blunt cannulas for Fillers for wrinkles.



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Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon