Belkyra in Brisbane Australia- at long last!


Belkyra in Brisbane finally

Belkyra is also known as Kybella.  This is a form of deoxycholic acid which is a naturally found substance in your body.  This treatment has been recently approved for the use of fat reduction in double chins.  Though it had been performed in the United States for over three years, Belkyra has finally arrived in Brisbane Australia.
To date I have performed several Belkyra treatments and here is my viewpoint on this treatment.  Firstly Belkyra works.  In some patients, one treatment can give spectacular results whilst others may need up to three treatments.  The most important aspect of Belkyra is that the correct patient is chosen for the procedure.  I do what is known as the pinch test, namely to ensure that what I am pinching is actually submental or double chin fat and not loose skin.  The second test I perform is to see where the hyoid bone is.  If the bone is located more posterior, ie, further back then the eventual outcome will be better as the angle of retreat for skin tightening is improved.
I then discuss with the patient other methods to reduce double chins including the use of liposuction and of course cryolipolysis using the CoolSculpting Mini.  If there is a moderate-to-large amount of fat that is felt, I would always advise patients to undertake a trial of CoolSculpting.  Why?  This is because CoolSculpting is one third the price of Belkyra treatments.  If unwanted fat can fit in the applicator, the success rate of reducing double chin fat is in the order of 95% with CoolSculpting.  CoolSculpting also has other advantages apart from cost.  Firstly, there is very little pain involved with a CoolSculpting procedure for double chin reduction.  Additionally, downtime is minimal compared to Belkyra injections.  Bruising can be seen but this is extraordinary rather than expected with Belkyra injections.  It is my standard protocol to wait for 8 to 10 weeks and to reassess the patient.  In 70% of cases, with one treatment of CoolSculpting most patients are happy with the results, however, in 30% to 40% of cases, they would like even further improvement.  If there is still significant fat in the area then a second cycle with CoolSculpting Mini can often reduced double chins even further.  If there is only a small amount of double chin fat, I then perform Belkyra.  Belkyra in Australia is extraordinarily expenses due to the cost of the product.  Each treatment cycle costs on average, $2750 (each treatment consists of two visits spaced six to eight weeks apart).
So what is involved with Belkyra treatment?
First of all I mark out the outline ensuring that the hyoid bone is marked and the no-go zone is marked (1 cm posterior to the jawline/mandible).  I then use the template to mark out the dots.  The area is then numbed with ice.  I then perform the series of injections which takes on average 90 seconds to perform.  Ice is then applied immediately after Belkyra injections.
Allergan, the company behind Belkyra often downplays the inflammation and bruising associated with this procedure.  Here is the truth.  Bruising will occur in 100% of patients.  This is taken.  I often use a laser known as a pulsed dye laser at day two to reduce the bruising.  Inflammation, however, cannot be reduced with laser treatment.   By inflammation, I mean that in the majority of cases there will be significant swelling lasting between two to seven days depending on the amount of subsegmental fat or double chin.
So what happens over the ensuring weeks?  
Belkyra breaks up the unwanted under chin fat over time.  This it then carried away by your immune system.  Once treated, fat in the area will not return.  The process of fat removal is immunological, this means that it is dependent on your immune system.  In some cases two treatments are needed, in other cases three treatments are needed.  As there is marked variability between the amount of fat, treatments are tailored accordingly. 
How do I know if I am a good candidate for Belkyra?
Remember the first step as with any other medical procedure is a consultation with thorough examination.  In some cases, you may not be suitable for Belkyra as the double chin is actually due to excess skin.  In this case, it is a surgical procedure and not a Belkyra injection.  Book in for a consultation with myself for a thorough assessment.  Unlike other clinics, I do perform both surgical as well as nonsurgical options, together with the use of Mini CoolSculpting.  This ensures that patients are given the best but also the most cost effective solutions for reducing double chins.

Davin Lim, Laser and aesthetic consultant dermatologist. Brisbane. Australia. 

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