Beard Transplant, can it be done?


Beard transplant, can it be done?

As the popularity of hair transplant to the scalp increases, a lot of people are also inquiring about other body parts for transplant. One area of interest is the beard transplant in men.They often ask if it is even possible?

It is possible to do beard transplant, and in the hands of a hair restoration specialist in can be very successful.

The purpose of transplantation of hair to the beard area is to recreate the beard in a natural contour, orientation and to increase the density. Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, more than one transplant session may be required; two sessions several months apart are common.

Donor hair for the transplant is taken from the donor zone in the back of the head using Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Transplant techniques for harvesting. Donor hair is prepared under the microscope into ultra refined units of one to two hairs. Very fine incisions are made using customized needles and done following the natural orientation and direction of ones own hair. The grafts are then placed into the prepared incisions. The use of single and two hair units permits adherence to the beard contour and orientation for a very natural appearance. The post op care is very minimal and there is very minor discomfort involved. Most people return to work and regular routine within a week.
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