Azelaic Acid for Acne


At the recent Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Dr. Anja Thielitz presented a study which showed that Adapelene 0.1% gel ( Differin gel) and Azelaic Acid 15% gel ( Finacea) were equivalent in controlling acne. This was a three armed study, with one arm being the placebo. Azelaic Acid gel was used twice a day and Adapelene once a day. They both proved to be equally effective in reducing inflammatory ( pustules and cysts) and non-inflammatory ( open and closed comedones....blackheads and whiteheads) lesions. It seems that Azelaic acid gel was more tolerable. This is interesting in that I have always considered Differin quite tolerable. 
Azelaic acid lacks an FDA indication for acne although many of us dermatologists do use it for this condition, especially in skin of color. It has a well known pigment reducing effect which helps stem the post-inflammatory pigmentation which acne leaves as sort of a nasty calling card. This paper presented by Dr. Thielitz, of the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg Germany, gives added support for the use of Finacea in the treatment of acne. 
  Since acne and rosacea often team together to wreck facial havoc, the use of Finacea is ideal to control both dermatologic problems.
  Commenting on the paper, Professor Helmut Tilsch, a German dermatologist who attended the event, " this is a welcome paper as it helps prove what we already suspected. I am a bit surprised it performed so well though." 
Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist