Avoice reckless rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is one of the most wanted and actually performed most often, surgery among Korean people. Therefore, it’s easy for many people to consider rhinoplasty as a comparatively easier surgery that isn’t much of a bother. However, the reality is the opposite.

From a professional’s point of view, rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries. Improving nasal shape to certain degree is almost always possible, but creating 100% satisfactory result is really difficult. Surgery that seemed to have gone well in the beginning may gradually deform the shape of nose with time. Reasons for this kind of imperfect surgical results are the imperfections of artificial implants and surgical methods.

Our body recognizes implants as foreign objects, so it has the tendency of surrounding the implant with hard fiber tissues. This phenomenon eventually works as a main factor behind deformation or protrusion of implants, as well as nose deformation. Not only that, implants can easily cause infection and give an unnatural feeling.

Next cause is imperfect surgical methods. Current surgical methods are generally invented by Western doctors. In the West, there are many surgeries for lowering the nose, and raising the nose is often considered to be very simple. Even in our country, there were times when inserting a beautifully shaped implant into the nose was what rhinoplasty was all about and these tendencies are still in the progressive present form.

However, implants cannot be simply inserted, and instead they should be carefully carved and closely fitted on the nose, to prevent becoming the stigma of plastic surgery and moving around. Not only that, it’s essential to carefully design the width and length of the implant, to create a nose that is in harmony with overall face. In order to make a nose like this, detailed anatomical knowledge and elaborate examination of the structure under the skin are essential. Then, not just the nose but also the line that connects forehead, nose, and lips must be made natural and beautiful.

In rhinoplasty, attention and delicacy on a very small area can appear as a big difference in results. Although a clumsy doctor could, depending on situations, create results similar to that of a competent doctor, but in the long run, some doctors may yield more problems, and in some cases, serious problems can occur. It’s extremely difficult to restore the nose whose original structures have been severely damaged from the first surgery. When patients go to another doctor for revision rhinoplasty, they often hear a rather callus comment that revision surgery is too difficult. Actually, revision surgery has bigger chance of failure. Therefore, one must be very careful in choosing the first doctor.

After rhinoplasty, at first patient may rejoice in their different appearance, and feel that their endeavors have been rewarded. However, tragedy can appear months, or years after. Even a very well performed surgery has the possibility of side effects, but the way to minimize that possibility is doctor’s sufficient knowledge and experience as well as considerate and delicate surgery.

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