Augmentation Options for Tuberous Breasts


Implants are not always a cure-all solution for women’s aesthetic breast concerns. In some cases, the natural breast shape may limit the results that are possible through breast enlargement alone, particularly for women with tuberous breasts. How can this challenge be overcome to deliver beautiful results? Correcting Tuberous Breasts.

Tuberous breasts, sometimes also called tubular breasts, are the result of constrictive skin in the breast combined with an unusually high inframammary fold. This combination forces the breast to grow downward into a narrow shape rather than spreading out into a rounder profile. This growth pattern also causes large areolae that can appear puffy. These effects are often asymmetrical, impacting one side more significantly than the other, although symmetrical tuberous breasts occur as well.

Women with tuberous breasts often seek out breast implants as a potential solution for correcting their natural breast shape. While implants do add volume, the shape correction portion of the enhancementsurgery requires a very specific approach:

• The inframammary fold must be lowered to a normal position, allowing for the necessary

expansion through the lower breast skin and tissue.

• Internal incisions release the breast tissue enough to accept the implant, as well as help expand

the breast. Silicone implants are often preferred, as they have better shape retention compared

to saline.

• The areolae are reshaped and centered.

Depending on the degree of severity, these procedures may be staged for better results.

While tuberous breasts do make breast augmentation more of a challenge, a beautiful outcome is definitely possible when the right approach is taken.

Article by
Denver Plastic Surgeon