Aquashape: A revolutionary new gentle liposuction with real results, less downtime




Why is Aquashape better?

1.       Shaping procedure

2.       Less Downtime

3.       Immediate and Permanent Results

4.       Safe

5.       No anesthesia Required

What is Aquashape?

Aquashape is a revolutionary approach to fat removal and body shaping.  Using the pulsating action of a controlled water spray, fat cells are first separated from surrounding normal tissues and then removed from the body permanently. Less trauma to the body means less swelling and bruising and a quicker, more predictable recovery.  In fact, the technique is so gentle that the harvested fat can be reused in reshaping the breast, buttocks or face. 

How does Aquashape work?

A Jet wand is placed under the surface through a small slit in the skin.  The controlled water jet targets fat cells without injuring normal tissue.  The movement of the wand is gentle and delicate.  Because the water has already freed the stubborn fat, no additional energy is needed to remove the fat from the body.  This natural, gentle approach is different from any other type of liposuction.

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Shaping:  The secret to a better body:

Aquashape uses a revolutionary new technique to shape the body, creating beautiful curves.

A better body is not about losing fat, it’s about getting the shape you always wanted.  Getting from a size 10 to a size 6 or 4  without dieting is now a reality.  Unlike non-invasive procedures that depend on pointing a laser or freezing clamped fat rolls, Aquashape is a shaping technique that requires surgical artistry.  Each person’s body is different.  In one procedure, the stubborn, unwanted fat areas can be treated to create a more proportional, natural shape that lasts for years.

Less Downtime:

A gentler approach means less downtime with quicker return to work and life

Unlike other fat reducing techniques, there is less downtime with Aquashape and a quicker return to your life.  Treating small areas like the lower tummy, waist or neck takes about an hour, about the same time as working out at the gym.  Because of the the unique, gentle Aquashape process, returning to work the same or next day is expected.  Minimal to no bruising and minimal swelling mean less downtime.Multiple or large areas will take additional time, may be more comfortable with sedation, but still have less downtime.

After the procedure, compression garments with padding are placed over the treated areas.There is minimal bruising and swelling but the shape change can be seen the next morning.  This is different from traditional liposuction:  There is no large fluid leakage during the first 48 hours.  Pain is minimal and patients can go shopping or return to work the next day.

Immediate, Permanent Results:

With Aquashape, you can see your new body shape immediately.  Because it is not a fat cell destroying technique, but a shaping procedure, your clothes will fit better right away. The results are permanent and real. Learn more:

The morning after the procedure, the compression garment and padding is removed  and you will see your new body shape.  The quality of the skin in the treated areas is smooth.  There are no contour irregularities or lumpiness.  There is no waiting for the swelling to resolve or fluid to leak from your body.  There is usually minimal to no bruising.  The sensation in the treated areas return quicker, usually in a few weeks, rather than months or never.

Unlike non-invasive techniques that wait for the body to eliminate the destroyed fat cells  and usually require multiple procedure, Aquashape results are immediate, in one procedure.  There are no pills or supplements, no dieting.  As long as you maintain your normal diet and exercise, the results you see right away should last for a long time.  After all, the unwanted fat cells are gone forever.

Safe, Professional Care:

Proven, Gentle, FDA-cleared.  This new procedure does not use large fluid volumes, so less swelling, less downtime

All procedures are performed by me, Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim, an experienced plastic surgeon, board-certified  by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, member of the American Society for Plastic Surgeons and immediate past President of the North Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons. I have performed hundreds of body contouring procedures.  When you are thinking about stubborn fat or problem areas, what you want is a better shape with predictable lasting results.

Why did I chose aquashape? 

“I wanted something better for my patients.  I wanted to deliver great results and a predictable recovery.”  The fact that other techniques are “faster for the surgeon or more aggressive” is not the most important goal.  For my patients, liposuction is not about destroying or removing fat, it is about shaping the body to create a more beautiful or more proportional shape.  Aquashape is strong enough to remove fat, but gentle enough to have less downtime




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