Advantage of micro fat injection


As aging process takes place, two noticeable changes occur and first is sagging of skin or muscle and second is change in volume due to deposit or loss of fat.

Therefore whereas young person’s face has natural and round curves, aged person has unnatural looking face with irregular dents, unsightly depressed cheeks, and sunken eyes. Also, areas around forehead, eyes, mouth, and nose sinks in, changing the overall image into exhausted and dark appearance.

Fat injection surgery is extracting the patient’s autologous fat and then inserting it into areas that appear depressed or lack elasticity from age or genetic reasons, and changing the appearance to a suppler look.

In the past, usually implants, liquid silicone, or collagen injections were used for this kind of purpose. However, these substances could result in side effects since they were foreign objects different from the person’s body tissues, so they were not ideal materials for skin volume augmentation.

Fat tissue is an ideal material for volume augmentation, because it is a living component of our body that can be easily extracted and thus doesn’t cause foreign substance reaction. For reasons like these fat injection has been performed from very long time ago but too much of it was absorbed by the body that it wasn’t always considered a good method and surgeries using fat were very limited.


However, once the recent invention increased fat’s chance of surviving after transplant, fat was used as volume augmentation material in nearly all body parts. Especially in the process of fat injection, carefully extracting pure fat through centrifuging and injecting small amounts in many layers is called micro fat injection.

Greatest advantage of fat injection is that side effects are rare because autologous tissue is used, and extracted fat can be saved and used for secondary fat injection, so it is simple and effective.

Article by
South Korea Plastic Surgeon