Addressing Ptosis in Breast Augmentation


Many women considering breast augmentation assume that any degree of ptosis (sagging) in
their breasts will need to be corrected with a breast lift in addition to augmentation. This may or
may not be the case. In some situations, minor ptosis can be successfully treated with 
breast implants alone, allowing the patient to skip the lift.
There can be several benefits to addressing mild sagging through augmentation alone:
• Augmentation surgery alone requires fewer incisions than when teamed up with a breast lift
• Augmentation alone is less expensive than a combined procedure
In most cases of mild ptosis, the emphasis will be on restoring upper pole fullness in the breast and not
on repositioning the nipple. Small to moderate implants are able to create volume without adding too
much weight. Larger implants are usually discouraged in patients who have some level of existing ptosis
to avoid exacerbating the sagging over time.
Mastopexy Is Sometimes Unavoidable
For women with a considerable amount of breast sagging, augmentation will likely not provide a
satisfactory outcome without an accompanying mastopexy. When the nipple is located below the
inframammary fold, reintroducing volume by way of breast implants will not address the problem
of breast and nipple placement. As a result, sagging could actually worsen over time because of the
additional mass in the breast pocket.
In these cases, a lift will almost always be necessary to achieve the patient's desired outcome. Avoiding
mastopexy-related scarring in the short term is not worth developing a higher grade of ptosis in the long
term due to heavy implants in a breast pocket that is not able to properly support them.
Article by
Denver Plastic Surgeon