Acne Treaments


I always share with my patients that working on acne scars is a labor of love.  There are a lot of variables such as pigment type of the patient, the type(s) of acne scars the patient has (rolling, boxcar, or ice pick), how old the scars are, and how compliant patients will be with the aftercare protocol.  Not long ago a typical acne scar protocol would involve multiple treatments.  With the advent of newer technologies, often the process is faster and more effective.  Not all skin types are suitable for all lasers and energy based devices.  A consultation  to assess the acne scarring and create a treatment protocol is imperative.  My most successful acne scar cases always involve the use of multiple lasers, depending on skin type, fractional RF, and PRP (platelet rich plasma).  Breaking up the old scar tissue and guiding the immune response to producing new softer collagen with  correct pigmentation is key.  In my opinion, there is no single laser modality that will do the entire job.  The problem must be addressed from different directions, with different modalities.  One helps the other in the process if done correctly.  I generally incorporate the filler Bellafill for fine tuning the final result for best outcome.


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Dallas Plastic Surgeon