$2 a day for a sweat free life?


Yes, that' is less than a cup of coffee for having no more sweaty armpits. Since the Medicare and PBS rules came into play just over 3 years ago, Australians who visit an accredited Botox HH or Hyperhidrosis Specialist can get this procedure for just over $400 dollars. Yes, that is saving more than $900 before the rebate. 

Most patients are sweat free for 6-8 months after Botox injection, and that works out to about 2 bucks per day. Axillary or underarm hyperhidrosis is very common. I practice in Brisbane, Australia, and the average summer temperatures reach 36 Degrees for 4 months of the year. This makes patients who suffer from underarm sweating even more uncomfortable. I estimate that 3-4 percent of Brisbane's population would suffer from axillary HH. 

OK, here are some facts on treating underarm sweating- it takes 2 minutes to perform, it can be a painless procedure (ask for our special 23/7 numbing cream before), it cost $440 AUD to get done, and it last up to 8 months. The good news is that the Government subsidy hold true for 3 sessions per year. Good news for sweaters!

Dr Davin Lim
Founder of Sweat Free
Hyperhidrosis Specialist
Article by
Brisbane Dermatologist