Mommy Makeovers


More and more adult women ages (28 and up) are realizing the merits of having their tummy tucks and breast augmentation and or breast -lift surgery while their  kids are young.  They are restoring their body image and enjoying the positive outcome from having this surgery for many years.  More than ever mothers are exploring surgical options to reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing and age.  Many women are realizing they can take a few days out of their hectic family schedules for a cosmetic improvements and return to their rountine with a feeling both youthful, sexy again and self -confident.

Dr. John Ward has performed the combination of breast and tummy surgeries(mommy make over) routinely in his practice  for over 22 years. He operates in a out-patient surgery center which only performs cosmetic surgery.  The surgery center is audited by  by the state of Arizona and meets all state requirements.  The anesthesiologist  who work the cosmetic surgery center are considered to be the best in Arizona. He is very happy to see clients and provide them with a one -hour complimentary body evaluation.  He commonly hears young women say they would wish they has had the mommy make-over years ago.

“My two babies are a blessing to me and my family but the physical effects of the pregancy are not” thank you Dr. Ward for helping me regain the confidence I needed to succeed both as a mother and as a professional says Jennifer.

Mommy makeover procedures are usually multiple procedures depending if you need tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery. It may be easier then you think to fit in both your schedule and your budget.  The good news is that surgical and anesthesia fees are currently lower.  This particularly applies to multiple procedures.

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