As seen in the Miami Herald: Shrinking Lips


Q: As I have been getting older my lips seem to be shrinking (not like some other parts of my body) is there anything I can do about that without looking like Goldie Hawn on the First Wives Club?

A: Like all aspects of plastic surgery, just because you have something done, does not necessarily mean you have to look like you had something done. Lip enlargement is a very common procedure that may or may not require surgery. The simplest way to enlarger lips and restore “normal” volume is to use a filler. Fillers are products that increase volume in the area that is being injected. Fillers include Cosmoplast,Cosmoderm,Restylane, , Perlane, Radiesse, Juvederm ,Sculptra etc. The list is almost endless. The key to fillers is to know which are permanent and which are temporary and to fill to the appropriate level. Your physician can give you the list of potential side effects as well. Never forget to ask!

Another important consideration in having your lips enlarged is that these procedures SHOULD NOT BE DONE IN A GARAGE OR THE BACK OF A “BEAUTY” SHOP. Injections of any type are a medical procedure and should be done by a physician or a physician assistant under his /her watchful eye. Some of the worst cosmetic calamities I have seen in recent times have been the damage that has resulted from patients seeking cheaper, permanent lip augmentation in non physician offices. Remember, the results will be permanent, that is permanently bad!

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