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Q: I have a two point question about Botox. I have been using Botox for over 5 years and have been very happy with the results; recently I have become very worried about all the bad things I have heard. Should I be worried and should I continue to use it? Second, is it true that Botox comes from snake venom and if it’s not, where does it come from?

A: To answer your question I can tell you from the start, I will not stop my own Botox! Botox is celebrating its fifteenth year in use and botulinum toxin has been used for well over twenty years. Botulinum (the toxin) was used for treating voice disorders as well as muscular spastic disorders around the eyes long before the cosmetic use of Botox ever started. The bad press associated with Botox has very little to do with the actual product. A few doctors looking for a cheaper source of botulinum toxin bought “botox” from a non FDA approved source and only a few, fortunately, used it. The non Botox product was like giving a patient the equivalent of almost 100,000 times the normal dose.

Botox is manufactured under strict conditions and is derived from bacteria that are grown in culture. Botox is not derived from snake venom or rat poison! The bacteria is separated from the toxin, measured and then bottled in a very specific way with specific dosing. In order to assure yourself that you are going to have it safely administered here are some recommendations. Pick a physician who is board certified in facial plastic surgery, plastic surgery or dermatology. These are the most likely physicians to have experience

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