10 common skin-care myths that are costing you money


Myth #10: Vitamin E minimizes scarring - Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which are agents that counteract the oxidant effect of free radicals (substances that affect collagen and result in skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles). Free radicals do not cause scar tissue formation and any effect you may realize from a vitamin E moisturizer on scar tissue is either something else entirely in the moisturizer, a consequence of the rubbing you did while you put the cream on, or would have occurred anyhow. Many ointments claim to reduce surgical marks, such as Mederma, but few have any hard evidence that they work.

Myth #9: Our pores  open and close - When peering in the mirror you may notice lots of black pores, specifically on the tip of your nose. Scores of make-up products and home remedies have been developed to shrink the look of these tiny holes, many professing they close the pores. Others assert that steam or hot water opens the pores. The pores are consistently open, which is required to allow us to sweat. The skin oil, or sebum, also is released from the pores. The pores appear closed or full whenever the oils get backed up, clogging the opening. Hot water or steam helps soften these oils, organizing the pores. The pores, unfortunately, have no muscles and do not open or close.

Myth #8: Acne is brought on by greasy foods and chocolate - Acne is caused primarily by hormonal changes, that often is controlled by stress, inherited genes and different unknown factors. Eating routine may affect this to some degree, but there is not straightforward evidence exactly how. 1 or 2 studies done in the late 1960′s appeared to confute the relationship connecting chocolate candy and pimple breakouts. Breakouts are formed when choked pores become inflamed and accumulate both oil and pus. What really causes this inflammation to take place is not known.

Myth #7: Anything at all organic is better for the complexion than artificial product lines - Raw products rarely exist in a form that is perfectly counterbalanced for use on your skin. Either they are too powerful and can cause irritation or too weak and don’t have much affect at all. Fortunately, there are lots of chemists that have the ability to balance the powerful qualities of these materials to give you the best appearance conceivable. Organic products only have to contain a small amount of naturally occurring chemicals (as little as 2%) to bear the organic label. (The price will most likely be a lot more than 2% greater than the non-organic variation).

Myth #6: Acquiring a base suntan inhibits burns later on - Sun tanning in any form, whether at the lake or in a sun tanning bed is causing irreversible damage to your skin. A base tan does not a thing to avoid this damage. Face it, if you insist on getting brown now, you have additional wrinkles later (but not much later) and in addition seriously increase your chances of skin cancer.

Myth #5: Sunburns are really only unhealthy when you are a youngster - Many people are of the opinion that just about any sun damage that will create skin cancer or wrinkling happened when they were an adolescent, and is outside of what they can control at this time. Then they proceed to continue tanning thinking skin safety is no longer important. Sun damage could certainly lead to cancer of the skin in just a couple of years time. I’ve seen more than a few individuals with facial skin cancers in their thirties. Sunblock is definitely a good idea irrespective of how old you are.

Myth #4: Skin products with collagen can replace your normal collagen - Collagen is a sizeable molecule and is not going to infiltrate your skin and somehow combine itself just exactly just where it was shed. Your body has to make new collagen by itself from basic proteins. Certain nutrients, such as A and C, can help this along.

Myth #3: Retinol (Vitamin A) will thin out the skin - Vitamin A heightens the skin’s barrier function, assists in collagen production, regulates oil formation, minimizes dry skin, and increases skin oxygenation. Steroid creams will thin the skin when utilized for drawn-out periods.

Myth #2: Dry skin brings about wrinkles - Lotions may momentarily lessen the overall appearance of wrinkles by puffing up the skin, but no moisturizer will forever decrease wrinkles, whatever the cost.

Myth #1: Shaving facial or body makes it grow back thicker - The part of the hair you can see above the skin is in reality dead and has no way of communicating with the body to change its growth pattern when trimmed. Shaved hair follicles will feel more rough as the cut ends are blunt, but the fullness of hair has not and won't change.

Article by
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon