Ear gauges are large earrings which slowly stretch the lower part of the ear lobe to a larger size. Many people later desire to have the gauges reversed. Unfortunately, just removing the gauge from the ear lobe won't totally reverse the change. The skin will be stretched out and will never completely return to normal. A minor surgery in our office can close the hole and reshape the ear to a normal appearance. Scarring is usually minimal and the ear can even be re-pierced at a later time.

Ear gauge reversal is performed by first numbing the ear skin with lidocaine or similar numbing medicine. Next, an incision is made around the inside of the hole to remove the stretched out tissue. Careful markings are made and the skin is brought together in a normal shape. It's then closed with dissolvable stitches and then covered with antibacterial ointment. In most cases, a straight, thin scar will be the only visible sign you've had it done, and this will fade with time. You can even re-pierce the ear after several months. Stretching them again, however, wouldn't be advised. Complications are rare but can occur, including an undesired shape and possible asymmetry. Both of which can be addressed with an additional procedure. Pain is very minimal and bleeding and infection are extremely uncommon.

Repairing Ear Lobes after Wearing Ear Gauges

Dr. Matheson Harris discusses how to reverse ear gauge holes, what to expect during the procedure and the possible side effects.