Cellulite and SmoothShapes


There’s a growing demand for body shaping, smoothing and cellulite reduction. And it’s no wonder considering 85-90% of adult women have some form of cellulite. Here are some quick facts and expert opinions about this harmless (but unattractive) condition:

• There is soft cellulite (unattached to the muscle and found on larger areas) and hard cellulite (close to or on the muscle). Soft cellulite is easier to treat because it is more superficial.

• Cellulite does not always present in dimpled form. Lateral cellulite
resembles bands (usually on the back of the thighs).

• You don’t need to be overweight to have cellulite. Some skinny women are affected just as much— if not more than their heavy friends.

• Hormones play an active role in cellulite. Estrogen encourages the body to store fat, pregnancy worsens the condition because of associated weight gain/fluid retention, and menopause affects skin texture making cellulite more prominent. You will not find a man with normal hormones experiencing cellulite.

• Cellulite comes in grades 0-3. 0 being nonexistent, 1 where it is noticeable only when pinched, to 3 where the skin is pock marked even at rest.

• There is no cure. Where’s the hope? Rave reviews are coming in for SmoothShapes--which simultaneously combines two wavelengths—one targets fat and dissolves it and the other increases membrane transportability. Contoured rollers and suctioned vacuum facilitate the movement of the fat and
increase tissue circulation. Patients have noticeable results in 4 weeks after 8 sessions. Some return for a touch up session 8 months later. Results include not only smoother, softer skin but also a circumferential reduction in their thigh measurements.

SmoothShapes is also recommended before and after liposuction to optimize overall skin contouring. Older patients, whose skin does not have enough elasticity, may get the best results combining SmoothShapes and specific skin tightening treatments.

Article by
New York Dermatologic Surgeon