Vaser recovery


We either do Vaser LipoSelection alone or in combination with a tummy tuck or mini-tuck such as a "lipo-tummy tuck or Lipo mini-tuck". Your recovery will be dependent on how extensive your procedure is.

For those undergoing Liposelection alone (eg, hip-flanks, or thighs or abdomen alone), patients have told me they might take narcotic pain medication for 2-3 days and then downgrade to over the counter pain meds. They are encouraged to do a lot of walking on the same day of surgery, definitely, a day after surgery. They are encouraged to drink a lot of fluids. They have dressings on a few days. They wear a compression garment for 3 weeks. This helps in cutting down the swelling and in the contouring after the surgery. If done in combination with a tummy tuck or mini-tuck, they might have drains for a few days. This helps in the resolution of bruising and swelling.

For most part, patients have reported that they return to most of their pre-surgical activities within a week, of course, with some limitations. Most important to note that individuals recover differently. When compared to traditional liposuction, I have noted that there is less bruising, less contour irregularities and better contouring with VASER LipoSelection. For more information or before and after VASER LipoSelection pictures, visit

If recovery is uneventful, they have no limitations on activities after 3 weeks.

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