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Aquamid is a permanent injectable filler for forehead and smile lines and facial contouring that contains polyacrylamide hydrogel. This treatment has not been approved by the FDA, and is available in Europe. LEARN MORE ›

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Wanted Solution to Hollow Cheeks, Disaster!!! - Sydney, AU

I had Aquamid injected into both cheeks in March,2010 to help with the sallow, hollow face look. For a few years the result was good, although the 'permanent' product does drop with aging. In May 2014 the whole left side of me face became very swollen, painful & full of fluid. I had many... READ MORE


I had injected aquamid in my cheeks 3 years ago and on january 08/2009 i had to run to the ER because my right side face was extremelly swelled ,as soon as got in the hospital i did a catscan that show an huge abscess after couple hours i see myself in the surgery room to have the abscess... READ MORE

Aqumid for Lips - Australia

I had Aquamid in my lips many years ago to plump and fill them, I have never regretted having it done, although it is hard to find anyone to do Aquamid as they have been taught that it is not safe and not compatible with other filler, I have had no problems and have since had restylane lip added... READ MORE

Self Injecting Aquamid

I ordered Aquamid from an online source. Foolishly I only thought of it as more long lasting than the 3 to 6 months other choices. I had no idea it will last 10 years or longer. Plus I did not inject the product right as I injected just barely under my top layer of skin or lip skin.... READ MORE

Top Lip Filled - Perth, Australia

I love it it is great and a cheap way rather than other fillers every few months, tho it is i bit lumps no one notices, i would like to get more in my lips as i have had this for 6 year but im scared after hear other peoples storys! READ MORE

Aquamid in Lips and I Between Forehead

I had aquamid injected in my lips knowing it's a permanent filler and have never had my lips done before,the reason I chose permanent verses other fillers is because so many of my friends have had fillers and told me how painful it was having them,so I thought if I like them I may not hack the... READ MORE

stay away from aquamid or any permanent fillers

When i was 18 a friend told me she knows a doctor that injects this filler that lasts two years i never had any procedures done before that and seeing how good her lips looked i went to have 1 syringe injected stupid thing to do at such a younge age but i was naive and i thought it would make me... READ MORE

Aquamid Late Complications - looking for help in the U.S - Paris, France

In 2001 or 2002 I decided to fill my lips a little bit. I was referred to a reputable doctor; Dr Bachelier. I was then living France, and that's where he practices. I do not remember the name of the original product but he injected something that was supposed to last about a year. I was very... READ MORE

Aquamid. Indonesia, IN

I had 1 ml of aquamid in each cheek at the Arc Clinic in Bali. I have been told that if there were to be any problems they would happen within the first 6 months.I have been happy with the results, so far so good...but am a bit concerned that problems might occur in a few years time. There seems... READ MORE

Aquamid Side Effects

I got injected a small amount of Aquamid in my lips. This was done in Norway by Lars Haasted, Christiania park klinikk. I got no information about the severe side effects, and he still doesnt inform patiens about them, and he offers no kind of help when we get problems. I got big lumps and... READ MORE

aquamid almost killed me and left deep permanent scars - Toorak, AU

I had decided to treat myself to permanent lip fillers for my birthday. The doctor also injected the corner of my lips. My lips began to swell. The doctor told me that it was normal. 3 days later, they were so sore, swallen and bloody, that duck lips look small in comparison, at this stage the... READ MORE

Nearly Ten Years of Aquamid - DON'T DO IT! Injected in 2004 - Lips -Brisbane, AU

Yes, I am happy with it and have had no major side effects. Obviously, you MUST have it professionally done as mine has lasted for 10 years. BUT, the only down side is that my lips are now fuller and a little less flexible - I used to be a very good amateur flautist and can not now flex my... READ MORE

Removing Aquamid from my Cheeks - Bangkok, TH

I had aquamid inserted on my both cheeks. Around 2011. It was a disaster because I had too much inserted. I had it removed by Vader liposuction by a doctor in Thailand. I had the procedure done three times only because I was injected 7ccs. IM now looking very good. I have about 30percent of... READ MORE

Surgery After Aquamid in Lips - France, FR

Hello everyone, I had been injected with aquamid about 5 years in upper and lower lips. after the fifth years I had granuloma in lips and swelling above my upper lip and my upper looses its shape. I saw several surgeon and one, a very good who had the experience of to remove permanent fillers... READ MORE

10 Years on and I Still Feel Bumps in my Lips - Sydney, AU

At first I thought Aquamid was great. It was long lasting. Until I wanted more. I was advised not to get anymore aquamid by the Doctor and instead he injected another semi permanent filler over the top of it. This was a disaster. I spent months walking around looking like a duck. The Doctor... READ MORE

I do not recommend dr Clevens, Melbourne, FL

I was asked to pay 2,000$ in advance for a series of 4-6 steroid injections to my upper lip which looked bad after aquamid injections. I experienced severe hair loss only days after 1st shot. I told Dr Clevens about it however he ignored it and told me he never heard that steroid shots cause... READ MORE

Stay Away from Aquamid or Any Permanent Fillers - Adelaide, AU

I had Aquamid injected in my lips in 2003 by Dr Robert Reed in Adelaide Australia. For the first four years I had no problems, just sometimes if I knocked my lips they seemed painful and I felt that my lips felt harder than I would have liked but aesthetically I wasn't too worried. After... READ MORE

Aquamid Horror Story - London, United Kingdom

I had aquamid injected in my naso labial folds four years ago, just 1ml. Everything was fine for four years, the product looked natural although it would sometimes harden. I have no immune problems, I'm fit and healthy, but six months ago the aquamid started to become inflamed on the... READ MORE

My Experience with Aquamid

I had Aquamid injections in my cheeks every six months over a two year period . My dermatologist uses a dental block, and some local, so the whole experience is pain free. I have never had any adverse reaction or infection. After the procedure I don't touch the area or wear make up or shower for... READ MORE

Would Recommend - Sydney, Australia

I had a very small amount to my nose from a doctor near oxford street, sydney (dr hkeik) - he was VERY sterile (e.g. sterile gloves / didn't touch my nose at all etc.) - I haven't had any adverse reactions at all. I made sure I didn't touch or wash my nose for a week and put some... READ MORE

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