What size breast implants do I choose?


What size breast implants do I choose?

Always be frank and open in discussing your desired breast size with your plastic surgeon so that you reach a clear understanding how large you wish to be. It is very important to be realistic in your goals and choose implants that are best suited for your body size.  It may help to bring several photographs from magazines demonstrating what your perception of ideal breasts and establishing the harmony between your breast size and your body proportions.

Keep in mind that breast size is not uniform in terms of bra-cup size. Cup size can vary significantly among bra styles and manufacturers. For this reason, it is reasonable to have your plastic surgeon allow you to ‘try on’ different shapes and sizes of implants by placing them into your bra. Over the years, this has proven to be the best method. ‘Trying on’ the various sizes and shapes of implants…looking in a mirror…feeling the different implants, all is so helpful in correctly choosing your implants. 

Don't assume that bigger is always better! Implants that are too large not only will upset the natural beauty and balance of your figure, they also may be more prone to  causing adverse physical problems, such as breast sagging, neck ache, upper and lower back pain, etc. The best approach is to select implants that will look and feel like a natural part of your body.

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