New Experimental gel for Actinic Keratoses


One of the problems with many of the topical treatments for actinic keratoses, that very common pre-skin cancer caused by the sun, is that there is a fairly long duration of treatment.  The minimal time for topical treatments with the most potent of the bunch Efudex is two weeks. Solaraze (Diclofenac sodium) is a three month regimen, the classic approach of 5-fluorouracil is a three week treatment period

There is a new experimental topical gel  ingenol mebutate gel which when appled once a day for two consecutive days appears to be the optimal dose for the treatment of AK lesions of the face and scalp 

Clearance was similar to results obtained wilth the more established drugs.

If this medication can effectuate the great changes in two days compared to the two -12 weeks of its rivals we will have a significant new drug in our armamentarium.

This drug might be used after initial currettage as a mop up drug, i.e. to be applied two three days as the wound heal.

It is felt that the drug may reach FDA approval status in mid 2010.

Article by
Virginia Beach Dermatologist